Going Scootering For The First Time. – my hashtags J’ai essayé la trottinette pour la première fois – mes hashtags

Going scootering for the first time. – my hashtags

My brother has a scooter that he loves to ride. I rather go biking. I decided to try to go scootering for the first time. Thats where my first hashtag comes from- #TryNewThings.

My next hashtag is #LoveMyFamily I chose this one because my brother taught me to scooter and he is my family. We had a lot of fun together

My final hashtag is #GetTheIcePack. Although I tried my best, I wasn’t very good on my first try. I fell a few times. But I will continue to work on it.

J’ai essayé la trottinette pour la première fois – mes hashtags.

Mon frère a une trottinette qui il aime utiliser. Normalement, je préfère la bicyclette. J’ai décidé de le faire la trottinette pour ma première fois. C’est de la que vient mon premier hashtag: EssayerDuNouveau.

Mon deuxieme hashtag est #JaimeMaFamille. J’ai choisi ce hashtag par ce que mon frère m’a appris a faire de la trottinette et il fait parti de ma famille. On s’est beaucoup amuse.

Mon troisième hashtag est VaChercherLaGlace. Même si j’ai essayé de mon mieux, je nais pas très bonne la première fois. Je suis tombe beaucoup. Mais je vais continuer à pratiquer.

Liar And Spy

I just read a book called Liar and Spy. It was sooooooooo good! I wish you could read it, but you probably don’t have that much time. To make things easier for you. i re-wrote Liar And Spy as a children’s book. I managed to get a 180-page book down to 10 pages. And I added illustrations! Here it is on YouTube since it was too big to attach to this post:

You will see that its not perfect, if I redid it i would leave more space for pictures, and give myself more time to read the pages so I dont speed.

helping the enviroment

Even though we cant get together or go outside that doesn’t mean we cant save the earth! here are 2 podcasts about what I did to help the earth, there is one English, and one French. The podcasts include a poem I wrote, and an overview of what I did during my hour without power. Enjoy!

Poems about COVID 19 (french and English)


Le COVID 19 est arrivé,
Et il a changé nos vies,
C’est stressant pour les enfants,
Et les parents aussi.

Il manque de l’équipement médical
Comme des masques et des gants,
Nos médecins et infirmières en ont besoin
Pour pouvoir aider les gens.

Personne n’achète des autos
Et les usines de GM et Ford ne faisaient rien,
Elles ont commencé à fabriquer de l’équipement médical
Pour aider les gens et faire du bien.

Dans ma famille, on est en santé
On marche dehors beaucoup.
On aimerait voir ma Mamie,
Mais on vit dans un temps de fou.

Pendent nos marche on
sonne a la parte de nos voisins
Et on dit bonjour
De tres tres loin


The COVID 19 has come
And we can get together
You should take a walk outside
And enjoy the amazing whether

Some community’s spent time together
And some don’t spend time together
But because of COVID 19
We’re closer than ever

My neighbors have started something cool
It’s called a COVID party
We put lawn chairs on our driveways
You won’t want to be tarty!

My First Exam!!!!!

Before the exam I was feeling pretty confident in metric conversion, variables and graphs. Although I was not very confident about word problems, and pilot planes. Doing the mock exam made me feel a bit more confident for the real thing. Even after doing the mock exam, the fact that the real exam was worth 20% of my mark was still hanging over my head.After the exam I was feeling confident that I would got over 70% but when I exited the room I realized that I got a question wrong. When I got my mark I was happy with what I got, I knew I got a question wrong, and I got it wrong. But I still did good.

Science project

As a dog owner I know the frustration of excitedly bringing home a new toy for your dog, only to have him rip it to shreds in 2 minutes. I know what it’s like to see $15 worth of fluff scattered across your living room. My dog, like many other dogs, is a power chewer. I wish we could find him more then 5 minutes of playtime.


What I’ve learned

Why dogs love destroying their toys:

Dogs love feeling like they are the best, they also love feeling powerful. These two feelings are how they feel after demolishing a toy. That’s why even if a package sayed the toy was indestructible, it’s usually not. If a dog chews a toy too easily, they can start choking on the parts they ripped off.


Why dogs shouldn’t be given an indestructible toy:

Here’s why: if a dog gets a toy that they can not destroy, they will be very sad. They won’t get either feeling. They won’t feel like the best, and they won’t feel powerful, they will feel powerless. No matter what you do, take away the toy and buy him a new toy, he/she will never forget about the toy, and all you will have is a depressed dog. That’s not what you want, is it?


What i will do:

 Now I know not to make a completely indestructible dog toy, but I will still make a partly indestructible dog toy. Here’s what I mean: my dog toy will be made out of 2 materials, one material that is easier to get through, and one that is harder to get through. The point of doing this is, if the dog can’t get through the indestructible part, he will go back to the easy part so he will never get bored or give up.



Made an appointment with the vet.


Doing my Research:


For my project I will need to research what materials are indestructible to dogs, what materials are good for dogs, where I can find the materials I need, and what materials give dogs the satisfaction of destroying a toy.



For the research I will most likely look on websites, videos, and I will contact some local veterinarians and ask them some questions.


Science connection:



My science connection will be figuring out why a dogs first instinct is to destroy toys, instead of gently playing with them.


Things I used




Going Skiing

      The clouds were as fluffy as ever, when they unveiled the beautiful bright blue sky. The white snow sparkled like someone sprinkled sugar all over the hill.  But the only thing I cared about was beating my brother to the bottom of the hill! I raced down the hill when miniature pieces of sharp snow got in my eyes so I looked down to see trails of skis. I gazed at my brother chuckling like he just snuck a chocolate bar from my parents; as he dashed ahead of me. It was -2. I wasn’t warm but, I wasn’t freezing. I was a bit colder than room temperature. I heard my dad telling me to keep going straight, I felt my legs trying to separate but, I kept pulling them together. As I went faster and faster, I forgot about my legs, the next thing I know I am on the ground, and I only had one ski. The wind was blowing harder, I was getting really cold and I couldn’t feel my legs. I heard my dad explain to me why I fell, but all I could think about was passing my brother.